54th Week of Slovenian Drama

Round table

Whereabouts does the drama for children and young audiences roam?

Playwrights’ Unit of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists SADA


03.04.2024 at 16:00 Škrlovec Tower Gallery

About the event

At last year’s edition of the Week of Slovenian Drama, the Playwrights’ Unit at the SADA organised, in collaboration with the Association of Slovenian Theatre Critics and Researchers, a round table about critical reflection of contemporary Slovenian drama. This year’s round table will ask the question about the state of Slovenian playwriting for children and young audiences.

Plays for children and young adults are of great importance in shaping the minds and hearts of the next generations. These formative years are key for cognitive and emotional development and quality writing intended for young audiences can be a powerful tool for education, the development of imaginative thinking, strengthening empathy and broadening the collective consciousness. And yet it seems that the segment of Slovenian drama writing for children and young adults is somewhat neglected, so this year’s round table wishes to focus its gaze on the current qualitative and quantitative aspects, potentials for training for such writing as well as the situation when it comes to publishing and staging plays for young audiences. What are the ways to encourage such writing?

These starting points will be the centre of the discussion, which will include experts from different fields of creating for children and young adults. Dramaturg and critic Benjamin Zajc will moderate.

After the event, you are invited to an informal gathering where you can also browse a drama market with new texts for children and young adults and meet Slovenian playwrights.

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Whereabouts does the drama for children and young audiences roam?