53rd Week of Slovenian Drama

The Day of the Nominees for the Slavko Grum Award

Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (University of Ljubljana) and Slovenian Theatre Institute


06.04.2023 at 15:00 Great hall AGRFT

About the event

The Day of the Nominees is a traditional festival event that presents the plays nominated for the Slavko Grum Award. The UL AGRFT students prepare and present reading performances and dramaturgical analyses of the texts. Then, nominees Katarina Morano, Anja Novak Anjuta, Nina Kuclar Stikovič, Rok Vilčnik - rokgre and Matjaž Zupančič will share their thoughts about the nominated texts. The discussion will be moderated by the students of dramaturgy and performing arts. Audience members are also invited to share their vision of the texts with the authors and the guests.

The Day (or Afternoon) of the Nominees, an event fully dedicated to the best new plays of Slovenian drama, aims to promote the authors of the nominated texts and open a space for dialogically questioning the situation of original drama, its staging, interpretation and development. Over the years, this annual event has become a recognisable platform that helps spread new drama’s importance (and relevance).

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The Day of the Nominees for the Slavko Grum Award