54th Week of Slovenian Drama

The Day of the Nominees – the Slavko Grum Award

Prešeren Theatre Kranj, UL AGRFT, Slovenian Theatre Institute


08.04.2024 at 17:00 Great hall AGRFT

About the event

The Day of the Nominees is a traditional festival event that presents the plays nominated for the Slavko Grum Award. This year, the second- and third-year UL AGRFT students prepare and present reading performances of the nominated texts by Marko Bratuš and Haris Pašović, Daniel Day Škufca, Tjaša Mislej, and Iza Strehar, which will be introduced by dramaturgy students’ dramaturgical analyses. An important part of the event is the discussion with the nominees: in addition to a detailed reading of the texts, their intersections and creative processes, the debate is also an opportunity to rethink the conditions and state of the Slovenian drama within the theatre landscape. Theatre researcher and curator Ana Perne will moderate.

The Slavko Grum Award nominees:

Marko Bratuš, Haris Pašović: The Best European Show

Daniel Day Škufca: The Wakefulness of a Winter Morning

Tjaša Mislej: The First Word Is Mother

Iza Strehar: Unwed Mothers

Photo gallery

The Day of the Nominees – the Slavko Grum Award
Marko Bratuš <em>Photo: Peter Uhan</em>
Marko Bratuš Photo: Peter Uhan
Haris Pašović <em>Photo: Primož Korošec</em>
Haris Pašović Photo: Primož Korošec
Daniel Day Škufca <em>Photo: Peter Giodani</em>
Daniel Day Škufca Photo: Peter Giodani
Iza Strehar <em>Photo: Osebni arhiv</em>
Iza Strehar Photo: Osebni arhiv
Tjaša Mislej <em>Photo: Zala Jelenc</em>
Tjaša Mislej Photo: Zala Jelenc