53rd Week of Slovenian Drama

Round table

More Criticism, Please

DGKTS, portal Kritika, DPP ZDUS


28.03.2023 at 17:00 Layer house

About the event

Concept: Jera Ivanc

For a number of years, the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia has been warning about the constant shrinking of the space allocated to critical responses and reflections on the contemporary performing arts. Contemporary Slovenian drama also feels the consequences of this shrinking. Not only is constructive and continuous criticism essential for the development of individual drama/critical writing and drama/criticism per se but it is also vital to compete for grants, subsidies, obtaining the status of a self-employed worker in the culture at the Ministry of Culture RS and so on.

At the Week of Slovenian Drama, we will thus debate about the presence of Slovenian drama writing in the public discourse. Evelin Bizjak will present the results of the questionnaire about the working conditions and habits of Slovenian theatre critics and its findings. Benjamin Zajc will study the media responses in the last decade and focus on critical reading and watching of the baptismal performances of contemporary Slovenian plays. Tajda Lipicer will talk about the situation in Germany. Jera Ivanc will moderate a debate with these presenters and many other guest cultural editors, critics, journalists and theatre researchers.

Evelin Bizjak (1992) has a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and is studying for her master’s in dramaturgy and performing arts. She is a practical dramaturg but is also interested in playwriting, theatre theory and critical reflection. Benjamin Zajc (1997) holds a master’s in dramaturgy and is employed at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. He is a practical dramaturg, performer, playwright and critic. Tajda Lipicer (2000) is finishing her degree in dramaturgy and performing arts. She works as a practical dramaturg, screenwriter, theatre critic and a writer and critic for the radio.