53rd Week of Slovenian Drama

Discussing forms of violence in the processes of creating theatre art

Fake Blood, Real Tears

Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia


01.04.2023 at 15:30 Layer house

About the event

Authors of concept and moderators: Ana Lorger and Tajda Lipicer

In collaboration with the 53rd Week of Slovenian Drama, the Association of Slovenian Theatre Critics and Researchers is organising Fake Blood, Real Tears, an event that hopes to continue the public discussion and thematisation of violence in the processes of creating theatre art. Last year, we took a big step towards breaking the taboos surrounding the hidden and suppressed circumstances of our work. Nevertheless, far too often, we only consider acts that have reached a radical ("violent") and irreversible form to be violent. But what is the price we’re paying for this approach? How is this attitude upheld by the permanent microaggressions to which we consent during the creative process because of the proverbial undefinable nature of the work?

When preparing for the event, we will invite artists, students and witnesses to anonymously share their anecdotes and cases that can shed a light on the problem of concealment, as well as the permanent and psychologically marked microaggressions in creative or educational processes. We want to see the anonymous testimonies as case studies that can be illuminated by expert and first-hand experience. We see their importance primarily in opening the discourse and gaining a deeper understanding of how to discuss these topics and create a healthy work environment.