54th Week of Slovenian Drama

Lea Mihevc, Gašper Lovrec

Dvocikel 10: FUNDUS

Layer House (Carnica Institute) and Prešeren Theatre Kranj


07.04.2024 at 18:00 Škrlovec Tower

About the event

Fundus is research into sound theatre that is based on absence. It includes original music materials that were written during the rehearsal process for theatre productions but were never included in the final soundtrack. These materials pile up inside the artists and create a personal fundus, a conglomerate of creative energy that never stepped in front of a spectator and will not this time, either.

Artists-in-residence: Lea Mihevc, Gašper Lovrec, Katja Markić, Nik Žnidaršič

Producers: Layer House (Carnica Institute) and Prešeren Theatre Kranj

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Dvocikel 10: FUNDUS
Dvocikel 10: FUNDUS