53rd Week of Slovenian Drama

A Playwriting Workshop – Dvocikel

About the event

The Dvocikel programme, which researches new production possibilities and creates a production platform to connect the worlds of music and performance, has been creating projects of musical connectivity and collaboration since 2014. With its five projects and four curators, Dvocikel 2023 focuses on liminal music expressions: on the border between alternative, experimental and popular music and on the border of music research within the genre. The Prešeren Theatre Kranj will join this story with the 53rd Week of Slovenian Drama.

The collaboration with Kranj’s Carnica Institute for Culture and Tourism will develop over several stages. One of the first stages will be a call to musical performers and songwriters with the intention to create a new full-length music-theatre piece for the stage that will première at the Week of Slovenian Drama in 2024. The project curators are performer and director Jure Novak, the director of the Prešeren Theatre Kranj, who will act as the project dramaturg, and producer and musician Aldo Ivančič (Borghesia and Bast).

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A Playwriting Workshop – Dvocikel