53rd Week of Slovenian Drama


A Dame Of Salty Eyes

Tina Resman


30.03.2023 at 20:00 Škrlovec Tower


Performer, director, dramaturg, costume designer and choreographer: Tina Resman

Musician and vocal coach: Nejc Škofic

Lighting designer: Bor Ravbar

Mentors for stage singing: Žarko Prinčič and Darja Švajger

About the event

Tina Resman’s debut concert reveals the actress’s struggle for morsels of daily bread, paints the injustices and the steely sharpness of the world and, while building an intimate atmosphere, confronts the audience with them using famous songs by music giants.

By blending the seemingly incompatible musical genres and geographical diversity of the outstanding global legends of the musical world, the actress – with her voice and their words – searches for the music and cabaret images of sweet hope, bitter criticism of society, burning tears and an infatuation with the crazy locomotive of life. In the company of exceptional musicians and the truth expressed through song, the spectators will sense in the artist’s voice the presence of Kurt Weill, Edith Piaf, Helen Schneider, Svetlana Makarovič, Liza Minnelli, Elis Regina and Ute Lemper. Can a single, crystal-clear word emerge from a multitude of languages – life?