53rd Week of Slovenian Drama

A bonus concert*

A Concert By Iztok Mlakar

About the event

But when I drink a glass or two
And the third one kicks in slightly
The world sways back and forth anew
That harvest memory glitters brightly

Iztok Mlakar is an actor and a singer-songwriter, a member of the SNT Nova Gorica ensemble, and a winner of many awards, including the Prešeren Fund Award and Ježek Award. He has released several albums, and many of his songs have almost entered the standard repertoire of folk tunes. His ballads are popular, as are his witty and sharp ditties describing the everyday life of the little people, sung in his local dialect.

* The ticket holders for Iztok Mlakar’s bonus concert will be drawn from all the tickets sold for the festival performances. Put your name and contact information on the ticket and drop it off at the box office.